The difference between oil and extra virgin olive oil

Know all their differences and learn to choose the best
We have always known that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a vegetable fat that has many benefits for our body, but do we know why extra virgin is the best?

Do we know the real difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil? Among the olive oils, we find olive oil, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. The difference between each of them is present both in their taste and in their quality.

There are different factors that influence the quality of the oil, but it is important to know that its acidity is giving us very valuable information. The level of acidity is decisive to know if an oil is of high quality or not. Oleic acid groups the amount of free fatty acids. Free fatty acids are the result of the poor condition of the fruits, a preparation that has suffered damage or poor maintenance, so the more free fatty acids, the higher the acidity and the lower quality.

The Extra Virgin Olive oil differs from the rest of the oils for being the best oil in all aspects. EVOO is a high quality olive oil, which requires compliance with a set of requirements in order to receive the “extra virgin” label, in addition to lacking organoleptic effects. The name of Extra Virgin Olive is that olive oil of a superior category obtained directly from olives and only by means of mechanical procedures. As for its acidity, it must be less than 0.8º.

EVOO contains a more remarkable flavor, a more characteristic green color and a multiplicity of vitamins. Its oleic acid level is the lowest, which is why it is considered the best oil. It is ideal to consume raw. The aromatic strength and its tastier character make it possible to use less than other types of oil.

Virgin olive oil has qualities similar to EVOO, but it does not qualify as the same. It is an unrefined olive oil, so no chemical product has been used during its production process. However, its acidity level is higher than that of extra virgin olive oil. This is due to the fact that the rules to be followed during its production are not so rigid or strict, so its quality is inferior.

Dry olive oil is a lower quality oil. The difference with respect to the extra virgin is due to the fact that during the production process virgin olive oil is mixed with refined oil. It contains approximately 80% refined oil and 20% virgin olive oil. Refined oil is one that has suffered some damage during its production but is still suitable for public consumption. These oils have been processed with different chemicals or have suffered high temperatures. Olive oil tends to deteriorate and oxidize earlier, thus losing its beneficial qualities. Normally, its color is lighter, less greenish than the extra virgin, and its flavor tends to be more neutral. Depending on the amount of virgin oil, its flavor will be more or more intense. Regarding its oleic level, it has the highest level of all, thus becoming the most acidic and therefore the lowest quality.

The Verde Esmeralda Extra Virgin Olive Oil collects each of the required requirements, in addition to having all the aesthetic elements necessary to maintain its qualities in optimal conditions.

Once you have tried Verde Esmeralda EVOO, your palate will not let you change!

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