A delicious recipe of hummus

Hummus has become the favorite snack of many. Its rich flavor and healthy nutritional values ​​have made hummus an essential starter in many celebrations. Although it has been recently when it has become fashionable, hummus is a recipe that has been around for years. Its origin is located in ancient Egypt, and it is also a very common dish in Lebanese cuisine. It is very easy to do and it is also really nutritious. In general, chickpeas are used as the main ingredient alongside tahini.

At Verde Esmeralda Olive we have wanted to innovate and create a carob hummus. The garrofón has multiple benefits and it can also be included without problem in any diet since its caloric intake is much lower than that of chickpeas.

The carob is rich in fiber, folic acid, potassium and iron. Like most legumes, it provides a significant amount of high-quality plant proteins, which make it a complete food. Would you like to prepare a garrofón hummus with us? We assure you that you are going to love it!

The ingredients you will need:

250gr cooked garrofon
1/2 clove of garlic
20gr tahine
2gr cumin
3gr salt
2gr black pepper
20ml lemon juice
10ml water
30ml extra virgin olive oil
Crispy sesame
10gr red pepper
Extra virgin olive oil verde esmeralda
Maldon salt







Wash the carob and put the glass of the food processor with the half garlic, without the central germ, the sesame or tahine paste, the salt, the pepper, the cumin, the water and the lemon juice
Blend vigorously until a fine, lump-free paste is obtained.
Add the olive oil while continuing to blend at low speed, with a fine thread to emulsify.
Taste and rectify seasoning and acidity
Cut the red pepper into small cubes and chop the chives.
Arrange the hummus in a bowl, making an indentation around it in a spiral shape
Place emerald green extra virgin olive oil inside the slit.
Garnish with diced red pepper, chives, Maldon salt and crunchy sesame.
Share your garrofón hummus with Verde Esmeralda and surprise your guests!


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