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Since time immemorial our ancestors have proclaimed the principles that govern the concept and production of our exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These principles, together with an aesthetic and modern vision, have given rise to Verde Esmeralda Olive, giving the most exquisite palates the opportunity to taste our award-winning gourmet oil.
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We offer you the best olive oil, for its exquisite quality and flavour. Our extra virgin olive oil is available in different sizes and designs, so that you can buy the best olive oil while enjoying the distinction of each of the different containers. The aim of Verde Esmeralda is that the most exquisite palates have the opportunity to consume the best olive oil through the aesthetics and differentiation that characterizes us.
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At Verde Esmeralda we offer a wide variety of olive oil from Jaén to give you the possibility to taste olive oil in an original and exquisite way. The diversity within our Jaén olive oil allows you to choose between your favourite oils. From Verde Esmeralda we want you to get the perfect olive oil through a quality gastronomic experience with a careful design.
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Vicente M.

What they think
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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of reference

From a traditional product, Verde Esmeralda focuses on creating a legendary product. A extra virgin olive oil of exceptional and unequalled quality. The rigorous control and care from the first night of harvesting to the closing of each and every bottle, make our elixir the best in the world. best olive oil.

We carry out tastings and analyses until we find the best olive trees on the estates. This first phase allows us to find the fruit with the optimum nature and essence. The fruit is harvested by hand using the best modern machinery, treating each olive with the greatest possible care. Thanks to the register and the strict daily inspection at each stage of production, we achieve the flavour we are looking for from the first night of harvesting. An excellent, sublime and exquisite flavour, capable of enriching every dish and providing the best quality in polyphenols and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

International and national recognition has positioned our country as one of the world's leading extra virgin olive oil as the elixir of reference. More than 100 tastings, tests and annual examinations continue to determine the quality of Verde Esmeralda as impeccable. The awards, the satisfaction of our customers and our motivation to create the best extra virgin olive oilThey drive us with every harvest to continue to pursue unsurpassed excellence.

Verde Esmeralda EVOO enhances the intensity of every meal, protects your health and nourishes your skin. Each variety of olive oil contains different nuances, which is why we have chosen the 3 most exclusive and preferred varieties by gastronomic professionals. In our farms we produce Picual, Royal, Organic and Hojiblanca. Each of these varieties of extra virgin olive oil is worked and nurtured with specific care, with the aim of obtaining the best of each variety.

To give the most demanding palates the opportunity to enjoy our 4 varieties, our different ranges are born. Each range has our different types of extra virgin olive oilVerde Esmeralda offers the exquisite elixir in different designs and sizes. Verde Esmeralda creates the Gemas range, the Imagine range and the Baby range. Learn about the differences between each variety, find out which is the EVOO oil that best suits your needs and enter the Verde Esmeralda Universe, the universe of the lovers of the olive oil really.

Verde Esmeralda Olive S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan with the aim of improving its online positioning in foreign markets during the year 2021. To this end, it has been supported by the XPANDE DIGITAL Programme of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.
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