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Benefits of EVOO for children

Benefits of EVOO for children

The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are well known, but what effects does it have on children? We'll tell you about it in today's post!

The benefits for the little ones appear even before they are born. During pregnancy, the intake of EVOO favours foetal development and the supply of vitamin E also protects children from asthma and some types of allergy, making it equally healthy throughout childhood, as it favours the growth and development of the baby with an essential supply of energy, fatty acids and "good" cholesterol, necessary for the formation of cell membranes and nervous system tissues.

Recent studies have shown that during pregnancy some changes occur in the mother's immune system, affecting the normal function of her gut and the composition of her microbiota.

For this reason, frequent consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is recommended, as it is rich in phenolic compounds and is associated with a better anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory profile.

Likewise, a study focused on the Prevention of Gestational Diabetes has shown that a balanced diet rich in EVOO considerably reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes by up to 30% and, in addition, improves the health of newborns.

During childhood, a large part of the essential habits that we will follow day by day in our adult life are developed, especially in terms of eating habits. These habits will be the basis of our sustenance and the energy we have for our well-being, as well as being a fundamental part of improving our immune system for the prevention of illnesses.

We can say that the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the growth phase are even more remarkable than in later stages, as this stage is the most important for our physical and intellectual development.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a great influence on the conformation of a child's bone structure, due to the fact that the high oleic content favours the absorption of calcium, which helps in the correct calcification of the bones, as well as favouring their growth.

In the digestion process, the low acidity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes to the best possible digestion process, thus improving intestinal transit and allowing the child to rest and sleep properly.

EVOOWhat is the recommended daily amount for your age?

Generally speaking, this should be approximately 30% of total calories, i.e. the equivalent of one to two tablespoons, spread over the various meals of the day.

In the case of babies, from six months of age and under the supervision of a paediatrician, it is the best time to start adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil to their diet, specifically when preparing their meals. In this way, the baby will begin to benefit directly from all the healthy nutritional benefits present in EVOO.

From the age of 2 years and throughout the pre-school and school years, it is recommended to eat 3-4 servings of EVOO daily.

What are the specific benefits of drinking Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The main benefits of EVOO consumption lie in its nutritional components rich in oleic acid:

  • Oleic acid: 80%.
  • Linoleic acid: 15-20%.
  • Linoleic acid: 1,5%.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Provitamin A.
  • Phenolic compounds (antioxidant substances).


Regular consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has various beneficial effects for the organism, most of which are related to the health of the arteries. Among them we find that:

  • It lowers bad cholesterol (known as LDL) and raises good cholesterol (known as HDL).
  • It has an arterial vasodilator effect.
  • Decreases platelet aggregation.
  • Reduces the risk of thrombosis.
  • Improves diabetes control.
  • Prevents various types of cancer (especially breast cancer).
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects (due to oleocanthal).
  • Improves high blood pressure.
  • Improves calcium absorption.
  • It has a satiating effect.
  • It adds palatability to dishes and foods.
  • Reduces constipation.
  • Prevents atherosclerosis. Various clinical and epidemiological studies have shown that the atherosclerotic process begins in childhood. One more reason why it should be consumed at this stage, as oleic acid prevents this disease.

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