Verde Esmeralda Extra Virgin Premium Edition, 100% picual. It comes in a bottle in which shapes and dimensions are identical to an emerald. This oil of the Picual variety shows an aroma of fresh grass, tomato … that reminds us of the extensive olive groves of the upper Guadalquivir basin.

Our premium olive oil is a limited production oil that has an unrivaled blend of flavors.The unique and exclusive design of our bottle is at the level of its content. Raising even more if you can the quality of our oil.

Our emerald-shaped bottle establishes a jewel and an exceptional container for our extra virgin olive oil.Verde esmeralda collects its fruits from a selection of the best trees from among 78,542 olive trees, for this an exhaustive monitoring of all cultural practices for the cultivation of the olive tree is carried out. From the moment the olive tree begins to bloom, going through the fruit setting and all its development on the tree, all the variables that affect the quality of the fruit are controlled.

Aceite verde esmeralda premium

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