Earth day

“Nature is a spectacle that unfolds in front of man. ”
Aristotle (Greek philosopher and scientist)

Today, April 22, 2021, at Verde Esmeralda Olive we want to celebrate Earth Day. There are many reasons to thank the earth, but in addition to thanking it, we have to act in harmony and take care of it.

At Verde Esmeralda Olive we feel passion for the fields, the lands and everything that nature provides us. From our beginnings we have always wanted to work our farms with the utmost respect and admiration for them. In our beginnings we generated new ways of relating to nature, thus allowing us to ally ourselves with it instead of fighting against and avoiding the loss of biodiversity.

First of all, we adopt a multitude of measures to increase biodiversity on our farms. In order to favor the establishment and nesting of aquatic birds, we installed different types of floating islands in the irrigation ponds, thus adapting them to the settlement of the fauna.

Thanks to this, we have managed to turn our artificial rafts into an unexpected refuge for aquatic birds in danger of extinction, such as the Moorish coot, the teal, the Malvasia or the stork.

Second, we plant vegetation in our ponds, allowing swamp vegetation and submerged aquatic vegetation to grow. Thanks to this we facilitated the installation of vertebrate and invertebrate animals in our raft and we were able to solve the problems that arose through the clogging of pipes. The excessive amount of algae was affecting the obstruction of the same.

Likewise, the planting of vegetation has benefited the oxygenation of the water, directly influencing the improvement of its quality. The optimal water conditions currently are the result of the fixation of suspended solids and the withdrawal of nutrients that promoted the generation and excessive growth of algae.

Third, we set up areas for the breeding of reptiles and amphibians, since they are animals that suffer from conservation problems. The reduction of natural spaces in recent years where they used to live has drastically impaired their survival. Inside the enclosure of the risk pool there are different areas that improve the colonization of amphibians and reptiles, thus creating an alternative habitat.

We bet on the environment, and you?

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