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Give the gift of

Olive oil

Verde Esmeralda offers a wide variety of gourmet oil pack so that you can choose your favourite varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the same batch. Each olive oil pack can be made up of different ranges, types and sizes. Combine your favourites and spice up your dishes with our packs of olive oil as a gift. Enjoy the most awarded elixir recognised by gastronomic experts.

At Verde Esmeralda we offer a wide variety of gourmet oil packs to give you the possibility of giving olive oil as a gift in an original and exquisite way. The diversity of packs allows you to choose your favourite oils within the same batch. We want you to get the perfect gift through a quality gastronomic experience with a careful design.

Our gourmet oil pack give you the opportunity to choose your favourite products in one pack. The Verde Esmeralda packs are the best way of giving olive oil as a gift to those with the most exquisite palates and who enjoy quality gastronomic experiences at the same time.

The packs we offer include all the types of oil we work with, from the Picual and Ecological varieties to Royal. Within our product portfolio you will find: olive oil pack Picual, olive oil pack Royal, olive oil pack Organic or packs that combine different types in the same batch, making it easier to choose between all our gourmet oils.

At Verde Esmeralda we want to share the flavour and exquisiteness of our fruits through our products, for that reason buy olive oil as a gift at Verde Esmeralda Olive is more than just a gift, we want to take you on an aromatic journey of gastronomic enjoyment, making sure that our olive oil gift packgo one step further. Choosing our gourmet oils as a gift is a luxury for the taste buds of those who savour them.

Choose extra virgin olive oil as a gift is a manifestation of passion for quality flavours, for aromas that delight, of admiration for the care of our land, of nature, of our olive trees, of awareness of the pampering that each of our fruits receive, it is the desire to want to sigh and close your eyes every time you taste our liquid gold, our oils of unbeatable quality.

We work to achieve the best essence of our olive trees in each of our harvests. The glass containers allow the quality to be maintained, ensuring that you enjoy the optimum qualities of both flavour and aroma. Our packs gourmet oil as a gift are an original and distinguished way of delivering different gastronomic jewels that are cared for from their sprouts to their respective consumption, without forgetting the health benefits that characterise quality oil.

Our aim is to ally ourselves with our land, to pamper and care for it in order to make our product an oil of the highest quality and unforgettable flavour. This is the result of our admiration for nature and the environment, which allow us to make the most of them together with the best innovation systems.

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