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Healthy habits for your skin with María Rogel Vence

Healthy habits for your skin with María Rogel Vence

María Rogel is committed to a good diet, physical exercise and skin care routines as fundamental elements to take care of the dermis.



María Rogel is a dermatologist specialising in dermatology, facial aesthetics and trichology.

Do you know the importance of good nutrition and its relationship with dermatology? From Verde Esmeralda we wanted to talk to her and learn more about the importance of skin care, the intake of healthy fats such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its impact on the health of our skin.

Maria says that the right diet is essential for healthy skin, but do we know why?

In today's post we answer various questions about dermatology and how our diet influences the state of our skin.



1. Do women tend to have more skin problems - why?

Some skin pathologies are more common in women, such as melasma, adult acne or rosacea. In men, problems such as seborrhoeic dermatitis or androgenetic alopecia are more common.

2. To what extent do hormonal imbalances influence women's skin?

Hormonal imbalances can influence the appearance of various skin pathologies, as the skin has hormone receptors that influence its functioning. Adult acne or melasma are clear pathologies with an important hormonal influence.

3. What factors should we take into account to reduce the impact of hormonal imbalances on the skin?

A good diet, physical exercise, an adequate skin care routine and dermatological control are essential.

4. What role does diet play in skin health?

As in the rest of the organs, a correct diet is essential for healthy skin. Bad eating habits can favour the appearance of acne, dermatitis... A varied diet rich in antioxidants will promote healthy and beautiful skin.

5. Are healthy fats beneficial for skin health?

Eating a varied diet that includes healthy fats is important. In addition, the skin's cutaneous barrier - which helps protect us from external agents - is made up of lipids or fats. A reduction in this barrier can weaken the skin's defences and can lead to dermatitis or other diseases.

6. Extra virgin olive oil helps to synthesise collagen, how important is collagen in the skin?

Collagen is part of the dermis, one of the skin's layers. Its correct synthesis is essential for the proper maintenance of the skin, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles or early flaccidity.

7. As for vitamins, EVOO contains a high level of vitamin E. How does it act on the skin?

Vitamin E has an important antioxidant action on the skin. Moreover, in combination with vitamin C, it enhances its anti-oxidative effect. It also moisturises and reinforces the skin barrier function, which is necessary for proper maintenance of skin health.

8. What are the most common habits that are harmful to the skin?

Not protecting yourself from the sun, going to bed without removing your make-up, handling acne lesions, etc.

9. Which routine should not be missing for basic care?

Proper daily skin cleansing is essential. In the morning, use antioxidant and moisturising active ingredients. Adequate sun protection throughout the year is also very important to avoid photoaging and the risk of skin cancer.


We hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much Maria for so much quality information, we keep it all!

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