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How does EVOO help you with constipation?

How does EVOO help you with constipation?

In what is considered a balanced diet, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the recommended and one of the most popular components of the Mediterranean diet. Why is this? EVOO is considered a healthy fat, although this does not make it a solution for all types of health problems, and when it comes to constipation, there are several aspects to take into account.

A home remedy to combat constipation

As we have mentioned in previous posts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil on an empty stomach helps to stimulate gastrointestinal function and thus helps to stop constipation, but always using it responsibly.

What do we mean by responsible consumption? What we mean is that it is important3 to be in control of the amount we ingest, with a small dose on an empty stomach, such as a spoonful, rather than half a glass, being more advisable.

A higher intake does not mean an earlier solution to the problem. It is important to be aware that home remedies do not have an immediate effect, you need to be consistent and patient with the problem.

In addition, for this remedy to be effective, it is essential to eat a healthy diet with a high fibre content, stay well hydrated and, of course, exercise to "mobilise" the bowel.

This is why this habit must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

A recent study showed that Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes to the relief of constipation in patients undergoing haemodialysis. It could therefore be considered an effective remedy in these cases.

What other tips can we give you to avoid constipation?

To combat or prevent constipation, the most useful thing to do is to maintain healthy habits on a daily basis and, in the event of recurring constipation, to consult a specialised doctor who can give us more informed advice.

  • Take care of your hydration - consuming enough water a day will help your body to perform its functions properly, including maintaining good bowel function.

You can drink water, but you can also add natural fruit juices (without sugar or sweeteners). In addition, it is important to avoid soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and industrial drinks because they promote constipation.

  • Eat a balanced diet and be sure to include several pieces of fruit every day, as they contain dietary fibre. This substance is able to improve transit, as several studies have shown.

Whole grains and pulses are also good sources of fibre.

Avoid consumption of refined flours.

  • Avoid salt and sugar abuse.
  • Additionally, it is highly recommended that you do physical exercise every day. Therefore, walk for 30 to 40 minutes, practice a sport of your choice, whatever you like!

How does EVOO work in your body to stop constipation?

olive oil for constipation

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a lubricating effect on the intestine, so that it is more slippery and food moves more easily and quickly.

How can Extra Virgin Olive Oil be ingested?

It is highly recommended to eat EVOO before going to bed to combat constipation. A spoonful just before going to bed helps your body to lubricate the stomach during the night and aid digestion.

Another very good option is to add a splash of EVOO to your breakfast toast or salads, so that, in addition to taking care of your diet, you help digestion and intestinal transit.

Finally, another lesser-known way is to drink infusions with olive leaves, as these have numerous properties and help to regulate the intestinal system and prevent constipation.

It should be borne in mind that constipation is not considered a disease, but rather a symptom of an alteration in the motility of the colon. This means that the person who suffers from constipation has problems passing stools and does so only occasionally. Constipation can also be a symptom of other more serious problems, such as haemorrhoid-related diseases, stenosis, intestinal inflammation, etc.

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