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How to make good nutrition a habit?

How to make good nutrition a habit?

Nowadays, healthy eating has become a real challenge for many people. There are a multitude of factors that end up placing convenience and ultra-processed food as the basis and nutritional backbone of many people's diet. Supermarkets are full of shelves full of foods with "light" labelling, even though their nutritional values are the opposite. Food is a key factor in our lives, unconsciously affecting and influencing our mood, performance, energy and body composition.

There are a number of reasons why obesity levels continue to rise and why society continues to eat inappropriately.

  1. The large amount and exposure to ultra-processed food in our daily lives.
  2. Lack of knowledge about the organism and how different habits influence it.
  3. Lack of motivation to choose and cook recipes that you like and are natural.

Furthermore, the consequences of diet culture have led to the association of healthy eating with negative terms such as restriction and compulsion. This, together with the normalisation of eating ultra-processed food, has a direct negative influence.

At Verde Esmeralda we are committed to a healthy lifestyle, in which the basis of our diet is quality, natural and additive-free food. For this reason, we would like to remind you of 5 tips to make self-care a habit.

  1. Be aware that your body needs real food, anything less will be working against it.
  2. Proper nutrition will directly influence your mood, making you feel happier and more energetic.
  3. The physical goal should not be the only or the main reason for eating healthy, as this often leads to anxiety.
  4. Discover recipes that you like and enjoy with natural foods, you will find that there are plenty of delicious recipes.
  5. Enjoy taking care of your body, it's your home.


In our blog you have all kinds of recipes, discover them and take care of your body while you enjoy every bite!

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