Oysters, caviar, lime and EVOO

Valentine’s Day has never been so different than this year, but the magic should never be missed. Candles, background music and an exquisite dinner can turn a date into an unforgettable dinner.

For this day in which love is the protagonist, we are going to share with you a delicious recipe. From Verde Esmeralda Olive we want to remember this day with a good taste in the mouth, so we bring you a very special preparation.

Recetas de ostras

The ingredients that we are going to need will be:

4 oysters of Caliber 0 or 1
100gr of salmon caviar
1 lime
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium Verde Esmeralda
2 drops of tabasco


Once we have the ingredients ready, we start with the main ingredient, the oysters.

First, we open the oysters, remove them from their shell and strain their juice, reserving it.

Second, we add the juice of half a lime and the drops of tabasco to the oyster juice. Once both flavors are well mixed with the Tabasco, we add the caviar.

Next, we place the caviar in the deepest part of the oyster, and the oyster meat in the flattest part. When we have the shell open with the caviar on one side of the shell and the oyster on the other, we grate the lime peel on the oyster and add a little freshly ground pepper.

In the next step, we add a little oyster and lime juice and add Verde Esmeralda Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Finally, we prepare a base of coarse salt or nuts, and we present the recipe on it.


Go ahead and prepare one of our original recipes!


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