Prawn ceviche, coconut milk and lime, sour onion, raspberry and chives with EVOO

For lovers of fish and seafood, we bring you a super fresh recipe with intense and lively flavors. This recipe is typical of Latin American countries. It originates from Peru and is declared as “traditional Peruvian food”. It is a super healthy, light and perfect preparation for our body. Surprise your guests with this delicious international recipe.


What are we going to need?


140gr peeled shrimp tail.

50ml coconut cream.

1 lime

1 branch of coriander.

40gr purple onion.

4 raspberries.

2 sprigs of chives.

2 drops of tabasco.

15gr Verde Esmeralda extra virgin olive oil.

2gr Maldon salt.


Elaboration, step by step:

Arrange the shrimp tails in a deep dish and reserve.
Cut the onion into very very thin slices and add to the prawns.
Chop the coriander and grate the lime.
Add together with the lime juice and the tabasco to the shrimp tails and leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
After time, drain the juices and mix with the coconut milk.
Arrange the acidic coconut milk in a deep plate and the ceviche in the center.
Add the raspberries, salt and a generous thread of Verde Esmeralda extra virgin olive oil.

Now you can enjoy all this fusion of flavors!

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