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Red Diamond with case | Gift

Red Diamond with case | Gift



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Royal Variety
Bottle 500ml.


On the remaining six harvest nights, the olives for the Premium Edition are harvested and crushed. This edition is presented in a 500ml bottle, red with the shape of an Emerald cut diamond. It contains extra virgin olive oil of the Royal variety. Royal is an exclusive variety native to the Sierra de Cazorla. This variety does not occur anywhere in the world, only in the vicinity of the second largest natural park in Europe, the natural park of Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas. It is a variety of high and constant production, the olives provide low oil content, although of extraordinary quality. The extra virgin olive oil of the Royal variety is one of those privileged minorities due to the scarce production of this type of olive. It is an oil of great value and its main organoleptic characteristic is its fresh fruitiness and sweet aroma. Its flavour is smooth and not at all aggressive on the palate. The nose is intensely fruity with hints of ripe fig, banana and apple.

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Red Diamond is a Royal variety oil belonging to our Premium range "Precious Stones". This edition is presented in a 500ml bottle in the shape of an Emerald cut diamond. The Royal olive tree only grows in the vicinity of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas natural park. Its production only represents 5% of the world production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so it is an honour to be able to have this exclusive variety in our lands.

Red Diamond has more distinctions and the fusion between its intense fruity flavour with hints of ripe fig, banana and apple leaves us with a smooth taste that is not aggressive to the palate, together with a sweet aroma that will intoxicate your senses.

Buying Royal Cazorla Red Diamond oil allows you to enjoy both a visual and sensory experience, because the flavour of our Royal Cazorla oil is characteristic of this variety of olive that is only found in Jaén, which gives it a seal of distinction and exclusivity.

Verde Esmeralda is aimed at the most exquisite and demanding palates, which is why we offer an oil as unique as Royal. In addition to its particularity for only being found in the surroundings of the Sierra de Cazorla in Jaén, our meticulous care of these unique lands allows us to extract the best flavour from its olives.

From our crops, we take meticulous care of the fruit to obtain the best extract. The technique used has different phases. Firstly, all the olive trees are classified in order to select the best ones. Before the olives are harvested, they are set, which allows us to obtain the best of their Elixir. The Royal Cazorla olive oil concentrated in our Red Diamond bottle will transport you to the indigenous and unique fields of this olive tree worldwide.

Our aim is to ally ourselves with our land, to pamper and care for it in order to make our product an oil of the highest quality and unforgettable flavour. This is the result of our admiration for nature and the environment, which allow us to make the most of them together with the best innovation systems.


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Verde Esmeralda Olive gift boxes stand out for their careful selection of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Jaén. These gift boxes offer an elegant gourmet gift, perfect for an exceptional culinary experience. They contain different varieties of EVOO, each one unique and different from the others, which can be combined to enjoy a wide range of flavours and aromas.

Verde Esmeralda Olive gift boxes reflect a company's commitment and elegance by offering an exclusive range of premium olive oils, meticulously selected to guarantee the highest quality and to convey appreciation and professionalism.

Companies have the option to choose from a variety of gift boxes, such as the Premium, Imagine or Baby range, depending on their preferences and the message they wish to convey to their customers and business partners.

Yes, we offer personalisation options both on the contents of the box and on special labels with personalised messages. This makes the gift even more special and unique.

Verde Esmeralda Olive gift boxes offer a selection of premium varieties, such as Picual, Royal, Organic and Hojiblanca, each with their own unique nuances and sensory characteristics.

Verde Esmeralda Olive gift boxes are positioned as the best way to give EVOO as a gift, thanks to the differentiation of each of its varieties and its recognition as a reference in the gourmet gift market.

Yes, we ship internationally. We make sure that our cases are well packed to arrive in perfect condition anywhere in the world. Shipping costs and times may vary depending on the destination.

We have a 10% discount on all packs on our website. You can also follow us on Instagram @verdesmeraldaolive, where we post recipes, tips, regularly announce special discounts, conduct polls and collaborate with influencers.

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