Imagine Picual 250ml

Imagine Picual 250ml


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Panel Test

  • Green fruity: 7.9
  • Green grass: 7.8
  • Fig tree: 4.0
  • Tomato plant: 7.2
  • Apple: 0.0
  • Green almond: 7.1
  • Artichoke stem: 6.9
  • Ripe almond: 0.0
  • Nuts: 0.0
  • Banana: 0.0
  • Other ripe fruits: 0.0
  • Astringency: 5.1
  • Stem, nettle, green spike: 6.5
  • Bitter: 4.6
  • Spicy: 4.7



Picual variety
Bottle 500ml.


Our Imagine Picual Verde Esmeralda is part of our “Imagine Range”, made from selected olives. During the extraction process, we use the most innovative techniques to create the best extra virgin olive oil.

The Picual Jaén variety has a characteristic intensity and body, which provides a medium-high sensation of spiciness and bitterness, both are present in a very balanced way. Verde Esmeralda Imagine Olive Oil presents a sweet entrance in the mouth, achieving that it remembers it by its distinction and its delicious aroma, where the quality is the base of its essence.

The taste of our Spanish Picual extra virgin olive oil Imagine Picual allows you to go on a journey full of exquisite flavor that will conquer your palate. The technique used to achieve its best version is based on taking care of the land in a meticulous way, without any kind of thermal fluctuation controlling the optimal temperature all the time. For this purpose, we use all the current and innovative knowledge that will allow us to achieve the best picual olive oil.

The green color of our Picual extra virgin olive oil shows the purity of our fruits. In each one of our harvests we look for the exquisite flavor and the incomparable quality of each one of the olive trees, for that reason, the processes of culture that we made are full of pampering and conscience in each one of the steps. The first step that we take at Verde Esmeralda Olive is the selection of the best olive trees in our lands. In this way, we manage to work with the highest quality goods from the very first moment.  Before the corresponding manual harvesting, we proceed to make their respective curdling, and thus obtain their best juice of our native Picual olive oil Spain. The harvest of traditional character allows us to avoid the loss of its properties and to conserve the excellence of all the qualities present in our olive tree.

The goal of Verde Esmeralda Olive is to work with our lands, pamper them and take care of them to make our product a top quality oil and an unforgettable taste. This is the result of our admiration for nature and the environment, which allow us to make the most of them together with the best innovation systems.

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