Mini Premium Verde Esmeralda

Mini Premium Verde Esmeralda


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Panel Test

  • Green fruity: 7.9
  • Green grass: 7.8
  • Fig tree: 4.0
  • Tomato plant: 7.2
  • Apple: 0.0
  • Green almond: 7.1
  • Artichoke stem: 6.9
  • Ripe almond: 0.0
  • Nuts: 0.0
  • Banana: 0.0
  • Other ripe fruits: 0.0
  • Astringency: 5.1
  • Stem, nettle, green spike: 6.5
  • Bitter: 4.6
  • Spicy: 4.7



Picual variety
Bottle 25ml. (100 units)


From Verde Esmeralda Olive we offer 100 small olive oil bottles, with 25ml of olive oil each one. The design of our olive oil small packs allows us to preserve the taste and the excellence of our products. The packaging Mini Premium is the same of our Verde Esmeralda Premium but in a different package, this one is easier to open it, to bring it and to move it, without to lose the benefits and the quality of the oil.

Mini Premium makes easy the self-service thanks to his tiny and confortable size to get it where you want. The Small bottles extra virgin olive oil is the best way to consume high quality oil without to stay at home.

Our small olive oil bottles allow you to enjoy the smell of fresh herb and tomatoes, which will bring you to the extended olive lands located in the south of Spain. This fusion creates the excellence of the taste, sweet in the beginning, moderately bitter and slightly spicier, but in a balanced way.

Comfort, taste and quality are some of the advantages of the mini packaging. This size gives you the opportunity to enjoy the most exclusive oil wherever you are. Thanks to the composition and the dimensions of Mini Premium, small batch olive oil with high quality in single-dose is possible.

The taste and the quality of this product are created because we know all of the steps to get the best olive oil. Our olive has not hurt thermal fluctuations and the optimum temperature has been controlled during all of the process. We pick manually all of the fruits, and before to take them, we set them, even the tree. The extreme care of the fields used to be shown in the cost of olive oil small bottle, since the olive oil small pack price change.

The goal of Verde Esmeralda Olive is to work with our lands, pamper them and take care of them to make our product a top quality oil and an unforgettable taste. This is the result of our admiration for nature and the environment, which allow us to make the most of them together with the best innovation systems.

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