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Verde Esmeralda Premium

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On the remaining six harvest nights, the olives destined for the Premium Edition are harvested and milled. Verde Esmeralda Extra Virgin Premium Edition, 100% picual.
It is presented in a bottle whose shape and dimensions are identical to an emerald. This oil of the Picual variety has an aroma of fresh grass, tomato plants… reminiscent of the extensive olive groves of the upper Guadalquivir basin.


The oil Verde Esmeralda Premium is elaborated with fruits from Picual variety, creating the special Jaen olive oil, place where our oil is from. This edition is presented in a 500ml bottle, whose shape and dimensions are identical to emeralds. The green color of our Picual oil is the result of a process where we take care even the last and tiny detail, just because we want to guarantee the optimum properties of the fruits, to achieve the best Picual olive oil.

Verde Esmeralda Premium is characterized by the fruity herb green flavor, tomato, green almond, artichoke and fig. All this fusion creates the distinguished and exquisite taste that defines it. In the mouth feels sweet, moderately bitter and something spicier, but all this in a very balanced way.

The Premium line allows you to enjoy the best Picual extra virgin olive oil. This range is collected manually during the first six nights and the olives are milled for the Verde Esmeralda Premium edition as well as for the entire Premium «Gemstones» range. The meticulousness of our technique allows us to grow the best olive oil Picual Jaén.

Our Picual olive oil Spain in a jar with the emerald shape allows you to travel to the extensive olive fields of the south of Spain. This trip is the consequence of a careful production process, combining tradition with innovation.

The care of our fields is the main objective to achieve the exquisite Extra Virgin Emerald Premium Olive Oil. The system used to obtain the best flavor is based on the care of the soil without thermal fluctuations and controlling an optimal temperature. The selection process of the best olive trees allows us to work with the highest quality fruits. The fruits are collected manually until you get their best elixir.

The goal of Verde Esmeralda Olive is to work with our lands, pamper them and take care of them to make our product a top quality oil and an unforgettable taste. This is the result of our admiration for nature and the environment, which allow us to make the most of them together with the best innovation systems.

10 reviews for Verde Esmeralda Premium

  1. Amparo Ruiz

    Me encanta este AOVE, porque además de su sabor queda genial en la cocina!

  2. Ignacio Velázquez

    Una auténtica joya lo mires por donde lo mires.

  3. Esther de Jaime

    Nunca había visto un aceite tan verde con un sabor tan increíble.

  4. Bernardo Martínez Calvo

    La variedad picual siempre ha sido mi preferida pero desde que la descubrí en esta Esmeralda, aún más!! Muy recomendable.

  5. Carmina Galindo Aparicio

    Muy recomendable y la botella es preciosa.

  6. Paco

    Mi aceite por excelencia

  7. Manuel de la Iglesia

    lo descubrí en un restaurante durante las vacaciones con mi mujer….. una delicia.

  8. Jose Maria

    Parece un perfume . el mejor aceite de jaén¡¡

  9. ROSA

    Me declaro fan de su color, siempre es lo que más sorprende a mis invitados. Muy buen aceite. Gracias.

  10. Andrés Ortega

    El aceite de oliva virgen extra es un regalo de la naturaleza pero la calidad de este aceite es otro nivel

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