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¡Tenemos el regalo perfecto para tus invitados!

¡Tenemos el regalo perfecto para tus invitados!

Still don't know what kind of gift to give your guests? We can help you!

Con el inicio de mayo y el principio de la primavera comienza la temporada de bodas, comuniones y bautizos. Y, según los expertos, este mes es donde más enlaces matrimoniales se celebran.

If you are one of those who have chosen to get married in the upcoming dates, you are probably immersed in the choice of every detail of the celebration, the distribution of the tables, the decoration, the menu... And if you have not yet decided what you are going to give your guests, from Verde Esmeralda, we want to make this choice easier for you.

In celebrations such as weddings, christenings or communions, gifts for guests have evolved, and their meaning and usefulness have also evolved. They have gone from being decorative objects to elements of great utility, for the day of the wedding or afterwards. These gifts are a very important element, chosen with care and dedication, which reflects the love and dedication that the bride and groom have put into choosing the best detail for their loved ones, giving them a great meaning, both for those who give them and for those who receive them.

These gifts for guests and loved ones are also a way of thanking them for their participation in such an important and memorable day.

For all these reasons, the gift you give your guests must be original, useful and simple; but, in addition, the current trend is for gifts to be as handmade and environmentally friendly as possible.

In case you can't think of many ideas, or you want to make a gift that will surprise your guests, you can turn to useful gifts that your guests can already start using during the wedding.

What should we take into account when choosing a gift for your guests?

There are many ingenious gift ideas, but it is important to consider a number of factors in order to make the right choice:

  • It is important to choose your gift wisely, avoid giving just for the sake of giving. In other words, choose a gift that you would like to be given or that you feel proud to give to your loved ones. You should bear in mind that it is an expense to be taken into account in the wedding budget and it is important that what you give leaves your guests with the best taste in their mouths.
  • A gift for everyone! At most weddings, the bride and groom choose to give different gifts for men and women, making the choice even more difficult. By giving Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift, you are giving a gift that works for both men and women, and will make both men and women equally happy!
  • Take care of the presentation! The first look is important, and wrapping every gift you give can double the work and, more importantly, the time! That's why our mini Baby Bottles are a perfect choice, as they come with a great individual box - one less thing to worry about!
  • Personalising your gift helps them to remember you and the special day you spent, as well as giving an original touch to the gift in question. That's why you can contact us to find out about all the options for personalising your gifts. You can include the name, date, text, logo, drawing... Whatever you want!

Leave your guests with a good taste in their mouths!

Giving our Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift at weddings, christenings, communions is a guaranteed success!

It is no coincidence that this elixir is considered liquid gold, in addition to the fact that 90% of Spanish kitchens consume olive oil on a regular basis, as it is a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered a "superfood", due to its various health benefits, as it contains high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Its daily consumption helps to improve intestinal transit, control cholesterol levels, control arterial hypertension, etc. For all these reasons, giving Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift means giving the gift of health and excellent flavour.

At Verde Esmeralda we offer you the best olive oil, for its quality and taste. Our extra virgin olive oil is available in different sizes and designs, so that you can choose the best olive oil while enjoying the distinction of each of the different bottles. Our aim is that the most exquisite palates have the opportunity to taste the best olive oil through the aesthetics and differentiation that characterises us.

The best way to remember your special day

At Verde Esmeralda we make the best extra virgin olive oil using ancestral processes and the most innovative technologies. Our oil is available in different sizes and designs, allowing you to choose the one you like best and still enjoy the exquisiteness of the same flavour.

Our little bottles of oil to give as gifts will surprise everyone, both for their design and their intense flavour. Choosing Verde Esmeralda oil as a gift will make your guests feel as if they were in our carefully tended farms in Jaén, thanks to its nuances and aromas.

Baby Bottles to surprise

¡Nuestra gama Baby cuenta con las diferentes variedades que producimos en nuestros campos: Picual, Royal y Organic.

  • The Baby Picual is characterised by its intense green colour, its aroma is reminiscent of green apple, fig tree, banana peel and freshly cut grass. The dishes with which it combines best are: pasta, grilled vegetables, blue fish, eggs, potatoes or carpaccio and tuna or salmon tatakis.
  • The Baby Royal has an aroma with hints of green olive, tomato, artichoke and freshly cut grass. In addition, this variety is characterised by its intense flavour and its spicy and bitter nuances. What flavours does it combine with? Baby Royal oil combines with intense flavours such as cheese, onion, red meat and desserts with citrus or chocolate.
  • The Baby Organic has an aroma reminiscent of green almonds, tomatoes and freshly cut grass. Its flavour is more intense and fruity, with a bitter and spicy touch. The best flavours to combine it with are the mild ones, such as white fish, courgette, vegetables or legume stews.

The Baby range are small bottles with a capacity of 100ml, and allow you to enjoy each of our varieties, discovering each of the nuances, aromas and notes.

These little Baby bottles are perfect as a gift for any occasion, perfect for those who have not yet decided on their favourite variety or for those who want to discover every difference between our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Why give Emerald Green to your loved ones?

Choosing to give Verde Esmeralda as a gift means that you choose the most exclusive jewellery from Jaén for those you love the most.

During our production process we pay special attention to every single detail in order to obtain a legendary product, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet.

Therefore, to be at the height of our EVOO, we chose 3 of the 4 precious stones to preserve our elixir, the emerald, the diamond and the sapphire. They contain our three varieties of oil: Royal, Picual and Organic.

In order to achieve a gourmet oil that you can proudly give as a gift, our farms must be in the best conditions, which is why caring for each area is one of our top priorities. In addition, our love and dedication to nature motivates us to continue caring for and improving the habitat of our fields, so we continue to implement improvements that enhance the increase in biodiversity, the adequacy of irrigation ponds to improve the establishment of wildlife. We also plant vegetation in the irrigation ponds, we set up areas for reptile and amphibian breeding, we reforest degraded areas, we restore paths and ravines, etc. Thanks to all this, we achieve optimum quality for our fields and our harvest and, for this reason, we have the best gourmet gifts for your guests.

At Verde Esmeralda we are especially excited to see how you choose us for your important dates and to be part of your best memories. Choosing Verde Esmeralda oil as a gift is to share the purity of Jaén and to uncover all the aromas of the extensive olive groves.




¡Contacta con nosotros para pedir toda la información sobre nuestros aceites y resolver cualquier duda!

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