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Discover the new Emerald Green cases perfect for the WEDDING GIFTSYour guests will love it!

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At Verde Esmeralda we have seen how you choose us year after year for the most special days of your lives. Trust Verde Esmeralda for the most special WEDDING GIFTS is an original way to surprise the guests at our ceremony. We are aware that choosing the right wedding gifts is a time-consuming task, as it will be the memory of a very special day, so we want to share with everyone what many engaged people choose to do as the original wedding gifts.

Original wedding gifts

Surprise with the gifts for wedding guests is no easy task, especially nowadays. Nowadays we live in an era in which everything is within everyone's reach. That is why we have chosen to focus on the quality of our products. original gifts for weddings. To get it right gifts for wedding guests Can it be consumed or used over a long period of time? Does it benefit or positively influence your health and well-being? Is it a quality product? Is it environmentally friendly? Would you like to receive it as a gift?

By answering these questions, we can get an idea of what we want, which will make it easier for us to choose the best possible original gifts for wedding guests.

Gifts for wedding guests

At Verde Esmeralda we know how difficult it is to choose between original gifts for wedding guests, that's why we want to share with you our Baby Range. The Baby range is the best option in wedding favoursThe size, quality, flavour and design. It is one of the wedding gift ideas chosen by many couples. The gift ideas for wedding guests favourites of the present that you can buy online.

Online wedding gifts

From our website you can select which of our Baby you want for your guests. Among all our products you can choose the variety, design and size. Each Baby has 100 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Picual, Royal and Organic varieties. You can choose the Baby that you like the most and personalise it according to the theme and style of the ceremony, achieving the best wedding favours. The quality of each of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils has been confirmed by our customers, expert tasters, judges of national and international competitions... We pursue excellence in each harvest, achieving exquisiteness in each drop of our olive oil elixir, in this way we obtain the best olive oils in the world. gourmet wedding gifts.

What to give wedding guests?

Choosing Verde Esmeralda Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift means giving an experience full of health, flavour, tradition, aromas, nuances, purity and roots. Each oil bottle wedding gift of Emerald Green will awaken the senses of each guest. The green colour so characteristic of our elixir will surprise the sight of each one of them, the aromas will captivate the smell and its nuances will conquer the taste. The wedding gifts for guests will take a little piece of Jaén with them on their oil wedding gift.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. For centuries, the daily consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has made it a staple of the Spanish diet. For this reason, giving a oil bottle wedding gift is a guaranteed success as more than 80% of the Spanish population consumes Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a regular basis. A bottle of oil wedding gift Verde Esmeralda will allow each guest to enjoy the purity of Jaén while savouring the most intense nuances of our varieties. The wedding gift oil is one of the most recommended details among all the customers who have chosen us, that is why we offer you the Baby range to surprise each of the attendees with the best oil to give as a wedding gift.

Verde Esmeralda has created new olive oil gift boxes to be able to give our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift on the most special dates.

Lovers of the purest essence of Jaén can choose from our different ranges, with the option of giving the Premium, Imagine or Baby range as an elegant, special and unique gift.

Depending on your preferred variety you can choose the oil gift set perfect for you and share the benchmark taste with your nearest and dearest.

How do we produce the best extra virgin olive oil to give as a wedding gift?

Verde Esmeralda invents and perfects techniques to obtain a unique quality. With great care and attention to detail, the best fruits are harvested by hand, without temperature fluctuations and at the right temperature during all stages of production, from harvesting to the extraction of the elixir. The natural and environmentally friendly nutrition of the fruit is of key importance for the subsequent quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Likewise, when it comes to harvesting, we choose an early harvest, guaranteeing the optimum time to pick the olives. After this process, we ensure that we have the best olive oil.  olive oil as a wedding gift, with the highest quality elixir in each of our products. oil bottles for wedding gifts.

Giving the best bottle of oil wedding gift

With the Baby range you can enjoy 100ml of Premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaén in each little bottle of oil as a wedding gift. The little bottles of oil to give as gifts at weddings by Verde Esmeralda are a special way to surprise each and every one of your guests, offering health, flavour and excellence. If you have not yet thought about the detail of your wedding, we invite you to discover the best way to surprise your guests. wedding gift olive oil to surprise your guests.

How do we care for our farms?

To achieve the best olive oil wedding giftThe farms need to be in the best conditions, that is why the care of each area of our farm is one of our priorities. In addition, our love for nature motivates us to continue improving the habitat of our fields, which is why we continue to treat it and implement improvements that result in the increase of biodiversity, adaptation of irrigation ponds to improve the establishment of fauna, planting vegetation in irrigation ponds, creating areas for reptile and amphibian breeding, creating drinking troughs for steppe birds, planting shrubs and trees on slopes, reforesting degraded areas, restoring paths and ravines and soil regeneration techniques. Thanks to the care of our fields, we are able to obtain an optical quality and therefore, the best olive oil wedding gift for your guests.

Oils pack Gourmet

At Verde Esmeralda we believe that gifts should have a meaning, a detail that creates a memory, a new discovery, a different experience. The flavour of our oils has managed to conquer even the most expert palates. The nuances and aromas so defined in each of our different varieties surprise all those who choose our olive oils and our olive oil. oil to give as a gift.

Olive oil pack Imagine

On the other hand, we created the Imagine range for those who dream and pursue a better world. The "Imagine Range" is available in 500 ml and 250 ml non-refillable formats. They contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Picual, Organic Picual EVOO and EVOO of the Royal variety, a variety native to the Sierra de Cazorla. Discover the Imagine range and enjoy our olive oil gift pack of the Imagine range.

Oil cases for Gift

The design of the Verde Esmeralda bottles makes our elixir a perfect gift, not only for its taste but also for its presentation. Our gift oil bottles are available in different sizes and designs so you can choose the one that best suits your gift. Each of our bottles of olive oil to give as gifts will surprise by its presentation and conquer by its taste, as our main objective is to achieve an extraordinary quality. Our gift bottles of oil are designed to live up to the elixir inside.

At Verde Esmeralda Olive we want to create memories, experiences and unforgettable moments through our elixir. Choose our olive oil as a gift and taste the olive oil gift through each of our olive oil packs. Enjoy the pack oils and immerse yourself in the world of Verde Esmeralda Olive.

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