Organic Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We are aware of our commitment to the environment. Our love for the world and the nature motivate us to promote the most innovated techniques to get the best organic olive oil from our fruits with a lot of attention and being respectful with our lands. Our Organic extra virgin olive oil is available in Blue Sapphire, Organic and Baby Organic.

Aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico

Why Ecological Verde Esmeralda oil ?

The respect for our lands and the olive trees motivate us to produce a different and higher quality organic olive oil. We take care of our fruits in a special way since our goal is to achieve the best quality of our oil, at the same time we respect all of the factors presented in the production process.

Characteristics Ecological Olive Oil

Our Organic cold pressed olive oil has an intense fruity flavor. It leaves you a dense and thick taste and a little of spicy. Also, his bitterness taste gives it an original and delicious flavor. The smells of our oil create the best organic extra virgin olive oil, which will conquer your palate.

Ecologic Olive Oil Harvest

Our organic olive oil is a variety which is worked with a lot of attention to get the best essence of our fruits through the respect for our land and fields. We get our fruits manually, therefore we make sure that we keep their high conditions without hurt them with systematic processes.

The benefits of our organic oil

Consuming organic oil benefits your body and the environment. Its totally natural quality without any type of substance benefits the organism in a direct way, avoiding harming its corresponding functioning with substances that are not ecological. In addition, its nutritional guarantee helps the body’s articulation, preventing diseases such as thrombosis. Its natural character makes it an oil that respects its environment while having an exquisite quality and delicious taste.

Our Verde Esmeralda Olive Ecological oils

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