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Verde    Esmeralda Olive

Verde Esmeralda was born out of the need to offer a high quality olive oil for the most exquisite palates. The dream of Mr. Samuel López Fernández was to produce a product that would combine the basic principles that govern our extra virgin olive oil from Jaén with a modern vision and aesthetics.

Our extra virgin olive oil has its origin in the family consumption. The awareness of enjoying an extraordinary product awakens our desire to share the excellence of its flavor with those who aspire to taste the sky through the best quality olive oil.

From time immemorial our ancestors established the necessary bases to obtain the magnificent essence of extra virgin olive oil. Based on the principles of our ancestors, we have implemented the best techniques and current innovations to achieve absolute exceptionality in each of our crops.

At Verde Esmeralda we work to obtain a legendary product that stands out for its distinction, which is the reason why we take care of our fields with the most exhaustive procedures. In each of our harvests, we carry out a selection of the best olive trees. From among the 78,542 trees planted in our Spanish lands, we choose those with the best qualities and thus work and harvest the most unique fruits by hand.

The love for nature and the fields has motivated us to continue conserving them and cultivating them with the best resources from the first moment. Our commitment to the environment has always been present in each of the phases carried out, from the cultivation of our trees with the best systems to the bottling of our oils, using glass containers.

Likewise, we have wanted to take care of the planet while offering an exquisite extra virgin olive oil. That is why, since our beginnings, we have been concerned about maintaining quality once our liquid gold was already bottled. Its glass container favours the maintenance of each of its qualities, ensuring that its authentic flavour is preserved as well as its quality, without neglecting the exclusive design of our containers.

Thanks to the constant attention in each of the steps, the effort to improve and the ancestral knowledge, we have managed to harvest an exquisite extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to these processes, we have obtained the recognition of more than 20 countries at international level by our quality.

At Verde Esmeralda we know that our clients seek excellence and uniqueness in each of their tastings, which is why we work to obtain the best substance from our organic Picual and the exceptional Royal olive trees.

The name Verde Esmeralda honors the Emerald, a precious stone that with Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby, form the 4 families of Gems that exist. There are different types of treatments to improve their composition, color and appearance, one of them is the “Traditional Lapidary Method”. This consists of oiling the Emeralds.

The Emerald Oil is an international method accepted by the international standards of Gemology. Emeralds are immersed in natural oil baths, which fills cracks and open cavities in the surface of the emerald. Once the oil disappears, the precious stone acquires a darker tone improving its quality and appearance.

This is why the exclusive Verde Esmeralda extra virgin olive oil chooses one of the four precious stones to contain it, the emerald. In compensation to this, Verde Esmeralda bathes it with the best oil in the world, extra virgin olive oil, to improve its color and appearance.

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