The Green Esmeralda Olive Single-Serve Format

Descubre nuestro aceite en monodosis de Verde Esmeralda olive

Discover our Verde Esmeralda olive oil in single doses

At Verde Esmerlada Olive we have always had the perfect single-dose format to be able to enjoy the best oil in any situation.

Currently, due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, different prevention and hygiene measures have been taken in hospitality activities.

Among others, self-service products have been eliminated, such as olive oil, prioritizing single-dose.

For this reason, from Verde Esmeralda we want to offer you the perfect option to have the best oil at this time. Our 25ml single-dose format has an easy-to-open system and an exclusive design so as not to lose the essence of our Premium oil.

In addition, our container is perfect for the total dispensing of the product, the application and use of the exact dose always.

There are many advantages that we want to offer you with the consumption of the single doses:

– Speed

– Comfort

– Taste

– Quality

– Savings (Of space and price, since olive oil is not wasted).

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Verde esmeralda aceite monodosis

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