Tuna tataki, papaya, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, caviar and pink pepper yogurt with EVOO

Tataki is in fashion and at Verde Esmeralda Olive we didn’t want to miss it. When we talk about tataki we refer to a culinary technique, in which we marinate the fish in question with vinegar and ginger to later cook it lightly in the pan and cut it into fine fillets. The recipe that we bring you today is an elaboration of tuna tataki with ingredients that will conquer your palate as soon as you taste it.

tataki de atunIngredients:

150gr tuna loin.

20gr blueberries.

20gr Greek yogurt.

5gr pink pepper.

3gr pumpkin seeds.

3gr red lump roe.

3gr black lump roe.

10gr trout roe.

Extra virgin olive oil.

Sal Maldon.

Normal salt.

Black pepper.

10gr tender shoots of mezclum.


Season the tuna loin and seal in a hot pan for 30 seconds per side with a little oil, leaving the outside cooked and golden and the center hot but raw.
Remove from the pan, let stand 1 min and cut into cubes or slices.
Mix the caviar with a little extra virgin olive oil and reserve.
Mix the Greek yogurt with a little extra virgin olive oil and with the pink pepper skins.
Cut the blueberries into irregular wedges.
Harmoniously distribute the yogurt on the plate and on top of it the cut tuna tataki.
Spread the caviare mixture over the tataki and over it the young shoots and blueberries.
Finish with extra virgin olive oil and Maldon salt.

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